How to get Polychrome in Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero Polychrome - Belle, Wise, Neko, and Anby at the store
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There are lots of different ways to get Polychrome in Zenless Zone Zero, but you'll need lots if you want to pull new agents using the Signal Search. Besides the usual methods such as participating in events, opening chests, and completing quests, ZZZ puts a little more emphasis on little daily things you can do to grab your Polychrome.

The game features regular gacha dailies, but you can also complete challenges by playing arcade games near your store, help Officer Mewmew—yes, he is a giant cat—by doing tasks around the neighbourhood. You can even get a daily scratchcard from a very happy husky who runs a newsstand, though this won't guarantee you a reward.

Here are all of the ways to get ZZZ Polychrome so you can acquire new characters and W-Engines.

How to get Polychrome in ZZZ

There are a number of different ways to get ZZZ's resource for pulling new characters. Here are all of the ones I've encountered so far:

  • Errands: These are your daily tasks in ZZZ which will unlock during the main story. Complete them all for some Polychrome.
  • Primer: Complete these set one-off tasks in your Compendium to finish each trial and earn Polychrome
  • Commissions: These are what quests are called in ZZZ
  • Achievements: You unlock a lot of these by simply playing the game, and each lets you claim a tiny bit of Polychrome
  • Inter-Knot level rewards: Think of this as your Adventure Rank from Genshin or Trailblaze level from Star Rail. Some of the level rewards let you claim Polychrome.
  • Godfinger Arcade: Completing challenges while playing games at the arcade on Sixth Street lets you earn some Polychrome
  • Missing Mini Cargo Trucks: These are essentially chests you can locate in each of New Eridu's areas
  • Daily scratchcard: You can get a scratchcard each day from Howl's newsstand for free, and while this is random, it can give you some Polychrome
  • Officer Mewmew: This police mascot won't appear until after you complete the first main story commission, but you can complete challenges for him in each neighbourhood to earn medals, each of which can be claimed for Polychrome
  • Hollow Zero: This is a little like the Simulated Universe from Honkai: Star Rail; a roguelite mode with various reward tracks. Completing Hollow Zero and raising your License Level will get you Polychrome, though you can also get it for each first-time clear.
  • Shiyu Defense: This special mode unlocks after you complete the Belobog commission and rewards Polychrome based on the rank you achieve at each stage
  • Events: Each version of ZZZ will feature a number of events that reward Polychrome and besides your daily errands, these are your best bet for earning a lot of the currency on a regular basis

Since you get a lot of currency when starting out in gacha games, I'd recommend holding onto a decent chunk of it for when a character comes along that you actually like the look of. This will save you having to farm up Master Tapes later.

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