How to find and use Bronze in Hades 2

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Bronze is one of the hardest crafting materials to get in Hades 2 and it's because there are several steps you need to take before you can even find it.

The one location to get Bronze in Hades 2 only unlocks after you've spent several hours battling through the underworld. Eventually, Hermes will ask you to help fight on the surface, which can be accessed via the stairway in The Crossroads.

Bronze can only be found in or near the city of Ephyra on the surface. Bronze is required to craft the fishing rod and the game's hidden fifth weapon, the Argent Skull. Like some of the other Hades 2 crafting materials, you'll also need the Crescent Pick to mine the Bronze when it shows up. 

Where to find Bronze in Hades 2 

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How to unlock the surface

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To unlock the surface region in Hades 2, you need to finish the "Permeation of Witching-Wards" Incantation, which requires:

1 Cinder
1 Shadow
3 Moly

Bronze is one of the most elusive crafting materials in Hades 2. It's found on the surface, a region that can only be accessed after going on several runs, beaten the first boss, and have spoken to several gods. You'll start to hear about what's going on above ground and then Hermes will show up. I'm not sure exactly what triggers Hermes to beckon you to the surface, but for me, it happened about 10 or so hours into the game.

After the message from Hermes, the cauldron in The Crossroads will let you craft the "Permeation of Witching-Wards" Incantation to dispel the magical ward blocking your path to the surface. You can then go up onto the surface and start looking for Bronze, which has a chance to spawn in each level.

An example of Bronze located on the surface inside the city of Ephyra. (Image credit: Tyler C. / Supergiant Games)

On the surface, look for sparkling piles of brownish yellow metal debris and mine them with the Crescent Pick to get three Bronze at a time. And do it fast, because you'll take periodic damage to your health unless you've also finished the "Unraveling A Fateful Bond" Incantation—which requires moss you can find up there, too.

How to use Bronze in Hades 2 

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Bronze is an essential crafting material in Hades 2 because it's required to make the fishing rod and the final weapon currently available in early access, the Argent Skull. It's also used in the weapon aspects system, which returns from the first game but only unlocks after you've finished the "Aspect of Night and Darkness" Incantation and have used every weapon, including the Argent Skull, to defeat the first boss.

Here are the crafting recipes that use Bronze in Hades 2:

  • Rod of Fishing tool: 1 Bronze, 2 Fate Fabric
  • Argent Skull weapon: 1 Bronze, 2 Glassrock
  • Aspect of Night and Darkness Incantation: 5 Bronze, 1 Nightshade
  • Aspect of Moros (Umbral Flames): 2 Bronze, 2 Tear
  • Aspect of Melinoë (Moonstone Greataxe): 1 Bronze, Silver (amount increases every upgrade)
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