GTA 6 characters: everyone we know about so far

Close-up of a masked man and woman holding guns as they enter a convenience store during a robbery
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Grand Theft Auto 6 might not be just around the corner, but now that we've got a trailer it doesn't feel so out of reach. It doesn't give us a huge amount of information on the GTA 6 characters, but we have seen at least two central protagonists in action.

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Currently, we have just one named character confirmed by the reveal trailer: our main protagonist Lucia. Lucia's partner hasn't officially been named, though we're pretty sure we know he's called Jason, and we've seen a side character serving as a counsellor for Lucia referred by many to as Stefanie but her name isn't confirmed. Their backgrounds are fairly unclear, but as we crawl closer to the release date of GTA 6 we are bound to find out more about them and what sort of role they will play in the game.

Outside of these three confirmed characters, the cast of GTA still remains unknown. The many social media posts in the reveal trailer include lots of quirky characters we can probably expect to see in passing throughout the game but their roles and significance will more than likely be revealed closer to release or within future trailers. Here's what we know about the confirmed cast so far:

Which characters are confirmed to be in GTA 6? 

  • Lucia - our main character
  • Jason - the likely name of Lucia's partner in crime
  • Lucia's corrections counsellor - possibly called Stefanie


GTA 6 - Lucia in prison

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Lucia is the central protagonist of GTA 6, appearing in the reveal trailer while committing an armed robbery with her partner in their rumoured Bonnie and Clyde-inspired crime duo. While her background is yet to be uncovered, we can assume that she is a convict due to the ankle bracelet she's wearing in the game's first official artwork and the opening scene of the trailer showing Lucia in an orange prison uniform. Lucia is also the series' first female protagonist, which is arguably the most notable part of the reveal trailer.  

Lucia's partner (Jason?) 

GTA 6 trailer

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Lucia's partner isn't named in the reveal trailer, but the prior GTA 6 leaks suggest his name is Jason. Although his role isn't initially as prominent as Lucia's, the pair are seen at the end of the trailer committing an armed robbery together. We don't know the exact details of their relationship yet, but in the narration and short clips we do see they seem pretty intimate with Lucia stating "The only way we are going to get through this is by sticking together." 

Leonida Department of Correction official (unnamed) 

Stefanie talking to Lucia in GTA 6 trailer

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Unlike Lucia and her partner, the Leonida Department of Correction official we are introduced to at the start of the trailer seems to play a supporting role rather than being a central protagonist. Many are referring to her character as Stefanie, but we can't find any concrete information on where this name originated. But despite her support role she does introduce Lucia in the trailer, which implies that she could be a pretty significant part of the story. 

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