Black Myth: Wu Kong, Steam's most-wishlisted game, finally has a release date in August

Black Myth: Wukong - Pre-Orders Now Available | August 20, 2024 - Confront Destiny - YouTube Black Myth: Wukong - Pre-Orders Now Available | August 20, 2024 - Confront Destiny - YouTube
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Here's one we've been waiting a long time for. Black Myth: Wu Kong, first announced with a stunner of a 13-minute gameplay clip back in 2020, finally has a release date. Announced today during Summer Game Fest, Wu Kong is out on PC on August 20, 2024, just a hair over two months from now.

The CG cinematic above indicates that Wu Kong will be releasing on Steam and the Epic Games Store as well as the PlayStation 5. It also gives a peek at the physical deluxe edition, which includes a pretty spiffy-looking scroll as well as a headband "wind chime" necklace that I'm skeptical we'll see anyone wearing. But hey, you'll also get an in-game reward called the "Trailblazer's Scarlet Gourd." Who can resist a bonus gourd? 

Black Myth: Wu Kong has accrued a mighty following in the past four years, with enough wishlists on Steam to propel it to the top of that particular chart (above even Hollow Knight: Silksong). Expect it to make quite a splash when it lands in August—especially as RPG players will be coming off Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree and no doubt hungry for something else in the same vein.

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