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Full Throttle is getting a remaster too

Full Throttle Remastered

Double Fine had a big presence at the PlayStation Experience yesterday, announcing a new Psychonauts game (no, not the one you're thinking of) in the form of Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, a between-game VR thingy heading to PlayStation VR. But the company also announced two games that are definitely coming to PC: a futuristic platformer named Headlander, and a remaster of their cult classic adventure game Full Throttle.

We didn't get much more than that announcement at the event, but in a blog post afterwards, Double Fine revealed that Full Throttle Remastered will "feature all new artwork, with high resolution backgrounds and animation, with each frame being repainted by hand. We’ll be aiming to restore the sound and music to a higher quality, and we’ll also fill the game with special features like concept artwork, commentary tracks and as many other things as we can think of!" Oh and it's coming to PlayStation platforms and PC sometime in 2017.

It sounds a bit like that Day of the Tentacle remaster, then. SPEAKING OF WHICH (what a damned good segue), here's a new trailer. I'm sad about the art, which has lost a lot of crunchy detail in the move away from pixel art, but hey, it's still Day of the Tentacle.