Free Super Meat Boy update to add level editor and online sharing portal

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy is set to receive a huge free update in the middle of January, adding editing tools that will let players create and share their own levels. A new area called Super Meat World will also be added, acting as a hub to which Team Meat can add further leves in future, and even offer up areas for guest developers to step in and create their own challenges. Read on for details.

The planned updates are being reported on IGN , and contain the following features:

Level Editor

Apart from boss battles, players will be able to create anything they see in the game. You'll be able to set certain restrictions that only allow your levels to be played with certain characters. Don't make things too difficult, though. You'll have to beat your own in order to be able to share it.

Online Level Portal

This will act as a sharing point for all user created Super Meat Boy maps. Each map will be rated according to difficulty, measuring the average number of deaths players experience when trying to complete it. There will also be a five star ratting system that will let players judge each other's creations.

Super Meat World

A special chapter that unlocks once you've collected 30 bandages. This will feature levels hand picked by Team Meat for inclusion. Guest developers have also stepped in to add their own challenges, including Jumper and Run Man developer Matt Thorson and Gaijin Games , who created Bit Trip .

Enter the Unknown

This PC exclusive feature will let you jump into a series of randomly picked user made levels at a difficulty level of your choice. It will only pick from maps that score more than 3 stars, and will arrange the series of levels in difficulty order to give players an increasing challenge.

There's no precise date for the update, but it's due a few weeks into the new year. If you're intrigued by the game, but aren't sure if it's your cup of corned beef, check out our Super Meat Boy review , or the official Super Meat Boy site .

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