Free NASA edu-game: Moonbase Alpha trailer

NASA are ready to launch the proof-of-concept for their space-faring MMO, Moonbase Alpha, today. It's a six person multiplayer survival puzzler. It'll be free, it'll be on Steam, and it'll be realistic. Trailer below:

You're tasked with repairing Moonbase Alpha after a meteor hits it and it starts pissing oxygen. Don't they walk funny? You can keep track of it all here , or on this currently-empty launch site that'll probably be closer to the annoying flash-ridden fireworks shows we've come to expect from launch websites. We'll give you a shout when this pops up on steam.

Update: I've taken all the MMO nonsense out of the title - this isn't an MMO, it's just NASA's big toe into the hot bath of multiplayer gaming. The MMO will be the next plunge. Sorry for the mix up, folks.

[via Edge ]