Free games of the week

Carrots and Cream by Aergia

Carrots and Cream

You are the monster that eats carrots in a bowl with cream in this freebie, made for that recent Asylum Jam. The game infuses horror into ordinary things: gardening, grating, and accidentally (?) digging into worms. And, in at least one area, it's surprisingly tense.

Actias by Kitty Horrorshow


"6 remain" is a beautifully economic way to begin a game, immediately setting you on a course of exploring, collecting and reading. If you've not played a Kitty Horrorshow game before, they're first-person wandering games where oblique story is projected across the environment after you pick up scattered crystals. They're moody, personal and poetic things, and Actias is no different.

The Tower Inverted by hellojed

The Tower Inverted

"A collection of levels I made over the course of about a month, strung together into a game." hellojed, of this weird fox-based game fame, really should have turned off the player's shadow—which reveals the player character to be distractingly lozenge-shaped—but that's about the only fault I can find with this atmospheric game of looking up at the sky and going "ooooh". Head to the glowing thingies, and occasionally talk to the fox thingies, as you appreciate a series of wonderfully abstract worlds.

SpillTender by Reptoid Games


You are the world's worst bartender, and also in the game, and you have a few minutes of time in which to demonstrate that indisputable fact. Fling pints at your patrons, trying not to smash the glasses or to punt them at their heads, and as physics are involved of course this is much, much easier said than done. If you end up with your tips in the positive, then you are some sort of bartending god.

SKÓGUTH by Connor Botts, Ethan Thibault, Delton Hulbert


"Kill the god. Be free." With your one bullet, and a neat visor effect that reminds of Metroid Prime and Halo. Really, you'll explore. You'll conjure a story from the various details in the environment, including this Easter Island statue-y thing, and some interesting piles of little stones. When you find the god, you can choose to shoot the god dead, inciting one of three endings, I'm told.