How to upgrade bunkers in Destiny 2

destiny 2 bunker upgrades
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If you're wondering how to upgrade the Destiny 2 bunker, you're in the right place. Now that Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy is in full swing, you'll have marked the focus on Seraph Towers and levelling up of bunkers across Bungie's galaxy. These bunkers are linked to the Destiny 2 Raising Our Defences quest line (which rewards the seasonal artifact, Warmind Khanjali) and effectively managing and levelling up your bunkers are key to its completion. 

So, to save you some time I've compiled a quick Destiny 2 Warmind Bits guide to help you farm efficiently and level your bunker as quickly as possible. 

How do I unlock Destiny 2 bunkers?

While they are integral to the season, the bunkers aren’t open from the start of the Season of the Worthy. To unlock them, and the seasonal Artifact, you’ll need to start the Raising Our Defences quest line. 

To start Raising Our Defences, speak to Zavala in the Tower and then Ana Bray on Mars. Ana asks you to collect and generate some orbs of light, before telling you that you need to visit Rasputin. Rasputin rewards you with the Seasonal Artifact, Warmind Khanjali, and then sends you to the EDZ to unlock your first bunker. Then you can start upgrading it. 

How to farm Destiny 2 Warmind Bits and Chipsets

First you need to understand the new resources with which to level bunkers: Warmind Bits, Encrypted Warmind Bits, and Chipsets. Warmind Bits are the lowest rarity of currency. They're earned by completing all Rasputin bounties, finishing Legendary Lost Sectors, and participating in Seraph Tower events—more on that below. Additional Warmind Bits are awarded for completing specific Triumphs in your collections.

Encrypted Warmind Bits, on the other hand, cannot currently be created by stacking Warmind Bits. Instead, they're earned from specific daily and weekly bounties, and Legendary Lost Sectors. After your bunker is at least rank 3, they can be used to purchase items from the bunker armoury and to unlock events after successful Seraph Tower completions. 

And finally, you can earn Destiny 2 Chipsets by purchasing bunker upgrades or by buying them separately for 500 Warmind Bits, five Legendary Shards, and 5,000 Glimmer. Chipsets are the only way to rank up your bunker.

The efficiency of your Warmind Bit grind is based on your Power Level, but there is a way to quicken things up regardless of your method: bunker upgrades. These upgrades are: 

  • Cost Reduction Tier 1-3
  • Encrypted Warmind Bits Tier 1-3
  • Warmind Bit Generation Tier 1-3

The best method is to buy all the Tier 1 abilities by completing bounties until you are about Power Level 980. Once you are the appropriate Power Level, you’ll be able to confidently tackle Destiny 2 Seraph Towers.

Although for those able to amass gear and reach higher Power Levels, the fastest way is to complete Legendary Lost Sectors. There is currently one Lost Sector available a day: clear it after each reset. This activity, which have a recommended Power Level of 1,000, is the most efficient means of earning resources when combined with bounties. Keep in mind that due to the nature of the champions present, be conscious of your equipped gear heading in as Unstoppable, Barrier, and Overload champions will spawn. 

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How to complete a Destiny 2 Seraph Tower

Seraph Towers are new events in this new season. They exist all over the solar system and spawn tricky 980-Power-Level enemies. The main objective is to protect a raised tower from encroaching enemies. As the tower charges, a square around its base will glow. If there are any enemies within, it will stop progress. Successfully charging one of the towers spawns a series of orbs based on how well you defended the tower. 

You need to throw these orbs at the large orange sphere floating in the sky until it reaches the centre of the event. When the orb touches the centre, you’ll be rewarded with 14% progression towards fully charging the central Seraph Tower. Once this tower reaches 100%, Champions spawn. Kill whatever Champions appear and you’ll gain access to two chests: one that requires an Encrypted Warmind Bit to open. Even if you fail the event, a chest still spawns to offer a small amount of Glimmer and Warmind Bits.