Fortnite's Thanos mode ends tomorrow

If you haven't yet wielded the all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet on the Fortnite field of battle, you might want to get a move on. Epic said on Twitter today that the Avengers: Infinity War-themed crossover event starring the guy with the purple chin and the fabulous glove will come to an end tomorrow.

Unlike most limited-time events, whether this one ever comes back will depend first and foremost on the terms of the licensing deal with Marvel. We obviously have no insight into that, but the "one last time" quote in the tweet certainly doesn't have a "see you next week!" ring to it. Still, with another Avengers movie out in May 2019, it could be a case of see you next year.

An exact end time to the Thanos mode has not been announced. It was fun while it lasted.