Fortnite players are making Thanos do the darndest things

Finally, you can step into the shoes of California Raisin lookalike eco-terrorist Thanos and kill a shitload of people to prevent the environmental collapse of the known universe—except in the cartoon battle royale shooter Fortnite. In Fortnite's Thanos mode, the latest limited time event, it's 1v99 business as usual until someone happens upon the Infinity Gauntlet. Pick it up and they'll turn into the thick purple man for as long as they can stay alive.

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Besides its status as the first big Fortnite crossover, the addition of an engorged, sickly Josh Brolin makes Fortnite feels like a different game entirely. Think of it like Evolve (remember Evolve) battle royale, but the stage three monster is a character you already know and fear and own licensed socks of. But besides being a damn good time, Thanos' cameo appearance has been kind to the sillier side of Fortnite too. He can dance, be a bush, and love—just like us. Here's a quick look at the goofs players have gotten up to with Thanos so far, and a few Marvel-inspired original pieces fans made in response to the collaboration.

Spoilers! (OK, not really) 

This extremely online screenshot of Reddit user Warraven32's Victory Royale as Thanos is not an image from Avengers: Infinity War, we promise. It's just meant to set the mood for the rest of this collection. 

Dance like there's no tomorrow because there isn't one 

What they don't tell you about in Infinity War is another hidden infinity stone that controls the power of dance. Thanos knows how to break it down. For more of Thanos' moves, our friends at GamesRadar+ put together a chunky compilation

A man of iron? Preposterous! 

To even the odds, Instagram user MizurioOfficial whipped up this interpretation of the maxed out Omega skin with Iron Man stylings.

The stealthiest master of the universe 

What happens when you pick up the Infinity Gauntlet while wearing Fortnite's bush camo? You become a completely invisible Thanos, of course! Just try to spot Thanos in the video from Reddit user Deequarius above. It's impossible. 

Foot loss 

Here's a quick pic of our favorite bad guy dancing so hard he buried himself. Credit goes to me on this one. I Boogie-Bombed the guy and thought I was losing my mind. Killed me, of course.

The bear behind the mask 

Reddit user shagazelle's Thanos character model didn't load properly when they picked up the gauntlet, resulting in what I have now declared to be official Fortnite canon. Bear witness. 

Fortnite, coming to a theater near you 

Reddit user PlainBen's Fortnite interpretation of the Avengers: Infinity War poster is anything but plain, Ben. I'd watch it. 

Snack attack 

OK, this might be my favorite. Reddit user IsaacDaKing used the popcorn emote and some exact camera movement via the replay editor to place Thanos in an iconic shot from an earlier Avengers movie. Just hanging with the buds. 


Each round the Infinity Gauntlet crashes down to the island as a meteor. Reddit user RULDan ended up directly in its path

The universe deletion dance 

I'm told this video is a riff on an old meme, but I'm cool with being out of the loop. Thanos doing the Boneless through time and space is enough for me.  

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