Fortnite's latest update lets you wear a snowman disguise

Fortnite’s chilly seventh season continues with a new 7.20 content update. To make the most of the weather, you can now disguise yourself as a sneaky snowman to creep up on enemies and give children nightmares that will stay with them for life. The update is live now. 

The snowman is an item with a few functions. You can throw a projectile that creates a snowman, or you can wear the snowman as a disguise. While in the snowman’s freezing embrace, you’ll get shielded from damage. The snowman’s fairly robust and has 100 health. 

It's also time for a different limited time mode. Sniper Shootout is the LTM and is pretty self-explanatory. You’re all snipers. Shoot. New this time, however, is the scoped revolver, introduced last week, and suppressed rifles. 

There’s something new in the Block, too. Fortnite’s space for player-made arenas currently features the Omega Pyramid, an imposing creation from Directingpete. Head over there to see what’s inside. 

The sneaky snowman is also available in creative mode, along with several additional weapons, while Save the World players can compete in a new challenge, unlock a big sword and play with a new hero, Lynx Kassandra.

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