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Fortnite's first map can now be worn as an outfit

Fortnite's Eco skin
(Image credit: Epic Games)

In Greek mythology, Atlas was condemned to bear the weight of the heavens, though is frequently depicted as carrying the globe on his shoulders. Now, you can replicate the titan's torment in Fortnite, with a new outfit that has you wearing the game's first island as a suit. 

Fortnite's old map isn't coming back. But if you're feeling nostalgic, a new "Eco" skin in the game's store will let you wear it. The outfit has a tiny little loot lake plastered across its chest, with various other parts strewn about—the Tilted Towers clocktower on the right shoulder, a Durr Burger bracelet, a meteor crater smashed right through one thigh.

Fortnite's Eco skin, in concept and final design

The original concept for Eco, alongside its final in-game design. (Image credit: Nollobandz, Epic Games)

The outfit comes complete with a little globe backpack that rotates with an active volcano. Wrapping up the look is a pickaxe styled after the sword from Fortnite's giant Mecha fight, still embedded in a Kaiju skull. Eco was pitched and designed by community creator nollobandz, who had previously concepted the game's Dark Rex skin. 

Fortnite's current map recently went primal, though it doesn't look like Epic plans to completely swap it out anytime soon. But I wouldn't write off another world-destroying event entirely—and when Island 2 goes boom, maybe we'll get another world-shrinking skin to commemorate it with.

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