Fortnite's Celebrity Pro-Am Tournament at E3 will pair 50 pros with 50 famous fans

Epic Games has some big plans for Fortnite at E3, the biggest among them being a 100-player Celebrity Pro-Am tournament. 50 Fortnite pros will be paired up with 50 celebrities to compete for a share of a $3 million prize pool for charity.   

Five pairs of competitors have been announced so far: 

More team-ups will be announced over the next couple of weeks leading into E3, which gets underway on June 12. The winning team will claim $1 million to give to the charity of their choices, while the balance of the prize pool will be divided between the runners-up. Epic clarified that the Pro-Am prize money is not part of the $100 million prize pool that was recently announced for the first year of Fortnite tournaments.

The Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am Tournament will be livestreamed on Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms beginning at 3:30 pm PT on June 12. Fortnite players in the Los Angeles area will also have the opportunity to purchase tickets for $10 each via emailed invitations. Ticketholders will also be given a swag bag and some exclusive Durrr Burger eats.

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