Fortnite leak: a Tomb Raider skin may be coming

fortnite tomb raider
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With Fortnite season 5, Epic Games has introduced a slew of "hunters" into the battle royale cast—namely, iconic warriors and soldiers across video games, TV, and movies. We've already had Master Chief, Kratos, and even the Predator. Now it looks like another classic figure in gaming will get Fortnite-ified.

According to data miner MangOe, a new crossover skin codenamed "Typhoon" will arrive in Fortnite soon. It will evidently be female, may have a reactive style, and the portal it's going to arrive from (all of season 5's skins have "arrived" through interdimensional portals) is a flickering portal above Steamy Stacks.

Then the official Tomb Raider account also tweeted out a possible clue on January 11. The tweet includes emojis for a pickaxe, a woman running, and an arrow. It's possible the pickaxe might just be a reference to Lara Croft's ice pick featured in Rise of Tomb Raider, but few things happen by coincidence in AAA game PR.

Some folks are wondering what the reactive style might be for a character like Lara Croft. Given that the Tomb Raider reboots love to cover Lara in dirt and sludge, it's possible we'll see her Fortnite version similarly get roughed up over the course of a match.

That's all we know for now, but check back later for updates as more info becomes available. It looks like the Predator, the alien hunter who took on Arnold Schwarzenegger and xenomorphs, will be arriving in Fortnite soon.

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