Fortnite secret challenge: How to cleanse the tanks and escape

fortnite secret challenge
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Fortnite has introduced a new secret challenge for season 4 week 9, continuing the saga of the evil gnomes and their nefarious plan to...put bombs in Slurp juice or something? Who cares? It's free XP and the secret challenges have been remarkably easy to complete so far. You can still complete season 4's first secret challenge if you need to catch up.

This week's secret challenge asks you to cleanse tanks filled with poisoned Slurp juice and then escape from the scene of the not-quite-a-crime. We've whipped up this guide so you don't have to worry about scouring the Fortnite map to find the location of the tanks.

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Your first step is to head to the factory at Slurpy Swamp. Head for the biggest building where the main room contains two giant vats of Slurp juice. You need to jump into both vats, which will automatically cleanse both tanks. You'll notice the Slurp juice becoming clearer, or as clear as a suspiciously virile soft drink can be.

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The second step is to escape from the area, but you have to do it in a very specific way. Look around for the wall that already has a large hole in it. You'll see the dastardly gnome waiting there. Just hop through that hole into the swamp outside and you'll officially complete the challenge.

Completing both parts of this secret challenge gets you 20,000 XP total. Not bad for something you can complete in a minute or less.

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