Fortnite: where to find candy

Fortnite candy locations
(Image credit: Epic Games)

At least we can find and eat candy in Fortnite for Halloween this year. Fortnite's annual Fortnitemares event is happening now, so besides a cool new gamemode where eliminated players come back as shades to haunt the living, we've got a whole bundle of new challenges to work through for spooky cosmetic rewards. Locating and eating 25 candy pieces is one of the event's scavenger challenges, so rather than waste too much time wandering the map, we'll tell you the best places to find candy in Fortnite. Hope you have a sweet tooth. 

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite candy location - Sweaty Sands

The boardwalk usually spawns a bunch of candy buckets, so consider making Sweaty Sands a priority. Make a beeline to Salty next. 

Fortnite candy location - Houses and businesses

Put yourself in the shoes of a trick-or-treater. Where are you going to find candy? Homes and businesses, of course. Consider swinging through Salty Springs or Retail Row. Check out the storefronts and front porches for candy buckets. 

Fortnite candy location - Witch Shacks

You'll find some spooky shacks in unnamed locations throughout the map, most ofen in wooded areas. Don't run by if you've yet to eat all your candy because they typically have a bucket laying out. Normally I'd avoid the haunted houses on Halloween, but you'll want to prioritize them in Fortnite. 

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