Where to score each goal in Fortnite's soccer pitches challenge

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VIDEO: The pitch locations for Fortnite's soccer/football/sportsball week 7 challenge, courtesy our friends at GamesRadar

Week 7 of Fortnite Season 4 is here, and with it comes a brand new set of challenges to google. A brand new soccer pitch was added to the northwest corner of the map, so it's fitting that one of this week's challenges asks you to score on different pitches all over the map. You'll need to score on five, to be precise. With seven pitches strewn scattered about, the challenge is only as much trouble as the people attending your little games are willing to make it. 

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Watch the video above to see exactly where the pitches are located, and study the image below to get a more general idea about where to find each pitch. I recommend waiting until near the end of the bus route to hop off. Find a pitch far from the bus path and kick the ball into each goal. You'll likely run into other players attempting the same thing, so be nice and send them a friendly emote or dance to let them know you come in peace. 

The 50v50 mode makes it pretty easy to knock out a few goals in a single match, too, if you get the right bus path. Just be sure to help your team out once you've scored. 

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