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Where to find Fortnite's Pirate Camps

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Tharrrr be new challenges this week in Fortnite, matey! Season 8 (opens in new tab) is here and it has brought with it a ton of changes to the map, including a massive volcano and a pirate lagoon.

Those pesky pirates will need places to sleep, though, so the map has been inundated with pirate camps. They're not just for singing shanties and drinking rum, though—these new locations are part of a week one challenge. There's at least seven of these pirate camps found on the map, and we've marked them like a treasure map to give you a peg-leg up on the brand new Battle Pass.

All you need to do is visit each location to complete the challenge. No interactions necessary. We recommend grabbing a driftboard and zipping between each pirate camp to save time. A shame you can't take a ship. 

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