Watch Fortnite get clobbered by meteors as the comet apocalypse approaches

The Fortnite apocalypse foretold earlier this week now appears to be unfolding in earnest—meteors are falling from the sky and striking the surface, wreaking death and destruction and heralding the imminent arrival of the great comet that may, or may not, destroy Tilted Towers. Let's watch! 

This guy was so surprised, his face broke.

It's like an outtake from a World of Warcraft trailer.

That was close! But as the old saying goes, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. And world-ending comets, I suppose. 

We're still not sure what will happen when the big fella makes landfall, but it will almost certainly bring about some big changes to the world of Fortnite. Season 3 of Fortnite Battle Royale ends on April 30, and nothing says "time for some housecleaning" like the start of a new season, especially when it's accompanied by a foreboding tweet.

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The image makes me wonder if perhaps it's not a comet that's hurtling toward the world, but The Comet, masked superhero extraordinaire, coming to save humanity from the menace of... well, I'm not sure what, really. Or maybe he is the menace. So many possibilities. Whatever it turns out to be, it seems pretty obvious that Epic has big plans for the fourth season.   

We'll keep you updated as the situation unfolds. 

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