Fortnite players believe a comet is set to destroy Tilted Towers

Fortnite battle royale players are predicting that a large comet will collide with the game world soon. Specifically, Tilted Towers. For a while now, a conspicuous blue glow has floated over the infamous skirmish spot, as pictured above. And the recent addition of telescopes in the area demonstrates that it's something that players have been quietly warned to keep an eye on.

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Head to the Fortnite battle royale reddit, and the comets are wildly speculated on. As of April 18, players have been planning a Tilted Towers wake ceremony, in keeping with the widely espoused theory that the comet will destroy that often maligned area.

That ceremony involved all players landing at Tilted Towers at April 18, 6pm EST. That time has passed, but things are escalating: smaller travelling meteors have started to appear, often burning out just as the player sets eyes on them. We managed to capture one below:

But at the time of writing, at least, Tilted Towers has yet to be destroyed, and nor has the comet collided anywhere else. We'll keep you updated, obviously.

While there's no evidence to suggest Tilted Towers will fall victim to the lingering comet, a user theory posted in late December by ChlorophyteFTW, has captured the imagination of Fortnite players the world over. That user's rationale included that the area is mostly disliked by the playerbase, that new telescopes had been added to the area, and that loot was more abundant. Let's wait and see.

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