Fortnite item shop: England captain Harry Kane and Germany's Marco Reus debut as new skins

fortnite harry kane
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Two of Europe's finest football players are joining Fortnite. England captain Harry Kane and Germany's Marco Reus are arriving in the Fortnite item shop this weekend. 

Harry Kane and Marco Reus will officially hit the item shop on June 11 at 8 PM ET. You'll be able to buy either skin individually or together as a bundle then.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Kane currently captains England's national team, and has thrice received the Premier League's Golden Boot award, which goes to the league's best goalscorer each year.

Kane also comes with a "HurriKane" back bling and emote.

Then we've got Marco Reus, who has won Germany's player of the year award twice now.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Reus also comes with the Marcinho emote and back bling. No word yet on how many V-bucks either skin or the bundle will cost.

The pair are following in the footsteps of Brazil's Neymar Jr., who featured as a battle pass skin in season 6, and even had a crazy alternate style that dressed him up as a superpowered suit of armor. Season 7 has kicked off already, introducing alien invaders, UFOs, and mysterious alien artifacts to collect. You can find more Fortnite guides and news here.

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