Where to forage bouncy Easter eggs in Fortnite

fortnite eggs
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Fortnite season 6 week 6 has arrived, and as always we've got a new list of challenges to complete for some bonus XP and other rewards. This week, what with it being April, Fortnite is celebrating the Easter season. So you can earn the creepy duck-man Webster skin, plus the Tactical Quacks pickaxe, by completing his challenges.

First off, Epic wants you to "forage bouncy eggs hidden around the island." 10 of them to be exact. These things look like any normal multi-colored Easter egg, but bulked up a bit so they're easier to spot.

But finding eggs around the map can be more difficult than you'd imagine, so we did the legwork for you. Read on for a detailed explanation of where to find eggs.

Fortnite egg locations

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Thankfully, eggs can be found almost anywhere around the Fortnite map. They look a lot like other items you'd find on the ground, like mushrooms, and can be collected exactly the same way.

As for specific locations, we've had luck with the area north and northwest of Stealthy Stronghold as marked on the map above. Particularly lucrative was the hill leading up to the lighthouse. I happened to find five eggs in one cluster near a cropping of trees.

fortnite eggs

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Once you've found 10 eggs, you'll be rewarded with 35,000 XP and the Tactical Quacks pickaxe.

Funnily enough, the second stage of this series of quests is to find... another 10 eggs. So by all means, feel free to read this guide again and again.

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