Fortnite Crew is offering permanent access to Save The World next month

A ninja throws kunai in this Fortnite: Save The World marketing screenshot
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Having long since been overtaken by its battle royale sibling, the original Fortnite: Save The World is now being given away as a small bonus in the Fortnite Crew subscription service's May offerings.

Epic revealed the new skin and cosmetics coming with Crew's May edition yesterday, showing off edgy red-skulled bad boy Deimos and a host of themed weapons, loading screens and assorted goodies. But tucked away in this month's offerings is full access to the original base-building loot 'em up survival mode, Save The World.

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Despite the overwhelming F2P success of Fortnite: Battle Royale (which has since dropped the subtitle), Save The World has remained a paid product. That, and a somewhat confusing structure, have left it largely languishing in obscurity, even as Fortnite itself plays host to blockbuster premieres and celebrity concerts.

There's something a little sad, then, about seeing Save The World relegated to an extra goodie—below the latest battle pass and above 3 months of Spotify premium. On the other hand, Save The World is slightly cheaper than usual when purchased via Fortnite Crew, and grants you ol' skullface as a Ninja-class hero. And once you have access, it's yours to keep, even if you unsubscribe from crew.

The new bundle goes live on Friday, April 30th. Assuming they don't repeat this offer going forward, you'll have a whole month to grab Save The World—and take a strange trip into Fortnite as it could have been, for better or worse.

Natalie Clayton
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