Fortnite Battle Royale is getting remote explosives

When it's not adding Hunting Rifles and Miniguns into its last-person-standing stramash, Fortnite Battle Royale is lining up loot llamas and remote explosives. And while we already know bountiful camelids are en route this week, the fact sticky bombs are "coming soon" suggests they might be too.

When they land, it's expected remote explosives will replace smoke grenades—given Epic has already said the latter is headed to "the vault" as a result of inactivity. Like SMGs, weapons sent here can return to the game once their stats have been tweaked. 

The developer explains that process from around 1.22 here:

Look out for Fortnite BR's remote explosives soon. The game's Flippin' Sexy Emote is causing all sorts of bullet-dodging carnage in the meantime. 

Still no word on jetpacks

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