Forget dual monitors, Acer launches a 49-inch FreeSync 2 display for $1,200

Several of the best gaming monitors have 27-inch panels, but Acer has decided to go bigger—much bigger—with its latest display, which has a 49-inch wingspan (corner to corner, presumably).

Unlike some of Acer's other monitors, and namely its Predator series, its newest display gets its name from a mishmash of letters and numbers—EI491CR Pbmiiipx. It's like someone at Acer pounded their keyboard and then squeezed "49" into the result.

So, the name is uninspiring. Whatever. What's notable here is its elongated posture. It's using a VA panel with a 120Hz refresh rate, or 144Hz via overclock, and a 3840x1080 resolution. That's the same as Asus's ROG Swift XG49VQ and Samsung's first generation CHG90. It's basically the equivalent to having two Full HD 1080p displays, whereas Samsung's second generation CRG9 (5120x1440) is like having two QHD displays.

Acer's product page lists this as a FreeSync 2 display with a 400 nits brightness. That's using AMD's old nomenclature—FreeSync 2 has since been renamed FreeSync 2 HDR to highlight one of the standout features of FreeSync 2. In this case, Acer's monitor is DisplayHDR 400 certified.

The asking price is $1,199.99, according to Acer's product page. However, B&H Photo has it listed for $799, with expected availability in 7-14 business days. That's a much more palatable price, given the resolution.

Paul Lilly

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