First footage of 'Project X', the game with a 400-player battle royale mode, will premiere at the PC Gamer Weekender

Last year, I wrote about developer Automaton's bold plans to make a 1000-player online game with a 400-person battle royale-style PvP mode. At the PC Gamer Weekender in London on the Saturday (17 February) at midday, they'll take to the stage to show off the first footage from inside the game, as well as discussing how they built its world. On top of that, there'll be a few other surprises you won't want to miss. 

'Project X' is powered by Improbable's SpatialOS technology, which allows for 'meaningful persistence' that can apparently enhance the level of simulation in games. In this case, that means wildlife, muddy tracks, spreading wildfire and dynamic water, among other environmental details. 

"You’re all on an island and it’s set in the near future," Automaton's James Thompson told me about the game's world in September. "There’s a reason you’re all there. There is a central capital which runs the area. You have four faction towns which have different agendas—they [either want] to live there and make the best of what they have, or they’re really trying to take over. And you’re part of this set of people who have come in and you are going to be here to overthrow the whole regime, effectively, and that will literally happen." 

Learn much more about that premise at the PC Gamer Weekender at the London Olympia, February 17-18, then, where you can also sample a whole bunch of upcoming PC games, watch developer presentations, attend hardware workshops and loads more. You can save 20% off tickets right now with the code PC-GAMER20, too. Get them here. Here are some environmental shots of 'Project X':

Samuel Roberts
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