Firefall gets final test weekend, ahead of the open beta launch

Firefall is due to enter open beta on July 9th, which means there's still time for one last round of server spring cleaning. Red 5 have announced their final Beta Weekend, which will kick off this Friday. In addition to being able to smugly run around in the knowledge that you got there before the general public, beta weekend players will be able to compete for special "high-end" gear, and earn a unique unlock - the Infiltrator Nightvision Goggles.

In order to gain added feedback from the the test, Red 5 will be unleashing a new Chosen invasion on the open world, along with new locations, dynamic missions, an overhauled progression path and tweaked crafting systems. Battleframes have also had some attention, with new abilities being added to their arsenal.

Perhaps more significantly, this is the final chance for dedicated testers to have a meaningful impact on the game's upcoming soft launch. "Our development process has been centered around feedback from you," writes Red 5, "and we invite all who have experienced Firefall one last chance to shape the game before Open Beta!"

If you're yet to sign up for the beta, you can do so at the Beta Weekend page .

Phil Savage

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