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Firefall enters open beta in July

After an extended closed beta period, Red 5 will be inviting you to help squash bugs with the open beta of Firefall, the free-to-play MMO shooter, due to kick off July 9th. You'll even get to choose the method with which you dispatch these unwanted critters: be it fastidiously filed reports targeting development issues, or jetpacks and plasma weapons chewing through the in-game beasties. Personally I know which sounds more fun. I do love intense form-filling action.

The open beta will release with item store and all, making this one of those 'soft launch' deals. Red 5 will continue to add content after the release, including "episodic story campaign, more dynamic missions, world events, and open world PvP."

For those in the closed beta, those tests will continue up until the open launch. Future updates promise battleframe crafting additions, new Chosen battle instances, a "Power Level" system for cities, and Melding exploration.

For more on Firefall, you can read our preview here . Trailer below.

Phil Savage
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