Final Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC, Apocalypse, drops September 26 for PC

This is what the end looks like. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's final DLC, Apocalypse , comes to PC September 26, marking the final batch of new content for developer Treyarch's latest entry in the venerable shooter series, according to a press release. The DLC includes four multiplayer maps and a new zombie level full of enemies that mix the robotic with the supernatural.

Two of the four DLC landscapes are brand-new maps and two are re-skinned, re-worked versions of maps from previous Treyarch CoD games. The first new map, Pod, drops you and your team into the remnants of a failed Taiwanese utopian community from the 1970s. The second new map in this DLC package, Frost, introduces a frigid European backdrop separated by an iced-over canal and bridge that should create a choke-point during a variety of game modes. In what has become a classic tradition in Call of Duty games, the two re-imagined maps, Takeoff and Dig, are re-tooled versions of Stadium and Courtyard from the first Black Ops and World at War, respectively.

The new zombie set-piece, Origins, puts you in a French countryside that's seen a dieselpunk treatment, bringing to the battle tanks, drones, and giant robots. Thankfully you'll also have some supernatural weapons to unload on any undead, diesel-powered enemies you encounter.

Even as Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Ghosts looks set to bring its own vision back to the market this fall, for a short time at least, Apocalypse's dieselpunk nightmare will be state-of-the-art Call of Duty. You can pick up the new DLC individually or as part of the Black Ops 2's season pass program.