All Far Cry 6 legendary animal locations

One of Far Cry 6 legendary animals, Venodiente, stalking through his swamp
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Looking for Far Cry 6 legendary animals locations? These big beasties are the most fearsome wildlife that the island of Yara has to offer—pretty scary when you regularly see armed patrols getting taken down by a couple of feral dogs. While regular animals give you meat that you can trade, hunting these powerful creatures also gives you a special material that can be swapped for unique gear. So where can you find these monsters?

As with Far Cry 6 unique weapons locations, the game tells you which region the animals can be found in, but considering the size of the map, that's a pretty big ballpark. This is where our Far Cry 6 legendary animals guide comes in, showing an exact location for each of these Apex predators, what gear they give, where to exchange it, and how best to hunt them.

Unlocking the Hunting Lodge

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 How to unlock the Hunting Lodge 

First thing's first, to trade in your legendary animal materials, you're going to need to unlock the Hunting Lodge by constructing it at one of the three regional guerilla camps in Madrugada, El Este, or Valle De Oro. 

Simply follow the story operations and you'll unlock one of the camps. Then you just need to head to the foreman—marked with a hammer symbol—and purchase the Hunting Lodge for 40 medicine and 40 metal. This lets you trade legendary animal materials for their associated gear, get more meat from hunting, and unlock the unique bow, El Capirote. 

As you upgrade the lodge you'll also get the unique shotgun, Ciervo Macho, and can purchase the locations of other legendary animals—though there's probably not much point with us about to tell you them.


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This giant boar is likely the first Far Cry 6 legendary animal you'll encounter, considering his den is to the north of your starting island, Santuario. You can find him in a wooded crater in the north of the Cayo Seguro Peninsula. He shouldn't give you too much trouble, but if you're struggling, you can use the terrain to your advantage to prevent him from being able to charge at you. Also be aware that there are other boars in the area who will attack you on sight.

Once hunted, you can trade Mamutito's Tusks for the Primal Mask—a  piece of head armor that automatically highlights nearby animals. 

Perros Demoniacos

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If you follow Clara's suggestion to head to Madrugada first, this pair of black and white feral dogs are likely to be the next legendary animals on your list. They can be found in northern Madrugada to the south-west of Ida's Refuge in a little valley—as you approach you should be able to spot them lazing around on a broken log.  

As with other feral dogs in Far Cry 6, the best option is to pick them off one by one so they don't swarm you. Beyond that, they shouldn't prove too much of a challenge. Once defeated, you can trade the white demoniaco pelt for the Primal Bracers, which let you carve more meat from carcasses. The black demoniaco pelt gives you the Primal Boots, greatly improving speed after you've killed an animal. 


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Probably the most troublesome of all Far Cry 6 legendary animals is Venodientie—a giant crocodile who lives in a swamp used to dump chemicals. You can find him in southern Valle De Oro, in the western half of the Cienaga Nublada National Park. If you look for a pronounced island in the centre of the swamp on the map, that's his lair. You'll know when you're getting close because you'll see dumped chemical containers and lots of crocs. 

 The only real advice for this one is make sure you wear the Hazmat Mask headgear—Venodiente has glowing red eyes, and leaves a giant trail of chemicals behind him, so it's best to wear some protection from the gas. Other than that, bring big guns. If you're feeling adventurous, this is actually the closest legendary animal hunt to Libertad Island, meaning you could do it close to the beginning of the game. 


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Last but not least, we have the Jaguar, Sanguinario. You can find this nocturnal feline in south El Este, in a fishing village south east of Robustas Hills on the coast. If you arrive in the day, you might be confused as to the lack of giant cat, but Sanguinario only comes out at night. The Jaguar also doesn't seem to spawn if you wait around until nightfall, so leave and come back to coax him out. 

Sanguinario is fast and has some Jaguar pals with him, but luckily the village has lots of ladders and rooftops, meaning you can shoot down on them without much risk. That, or if you're feeling dangerous, fight them on the ground. Once hunted, you can exchange the Sanguinario pelt for the Primal Pants, which grant improved arrow reserves for your bow. 

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