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Looking for the Far Cry 6 unique weapon locations? While the game features a fairly in-depth modding system, actually making a lot of them for your guns soaks up materials—not good when you could upgrade your camp or vehicle instead. That's why you should be on the lookout for the extensive arsenal of powerful, pre-modded weapons hidden throughout Yara. 

These special guns also unlock a unique skin that you can use to make the regular variant look a little fancier, too. The 51 weapons are scattered throughout each region. Some require you to find and complete a treasure hunt, some are awarded through story progress, and others are locked behind doors that need a key.

As with legendary animals, the game tells you the region in which to find these guns, but not the exact location. That's where I come in. In this Far Cry 6 unique weapon locations guide, I'll tell you how to find every one of these weapons, whether it's rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, launchers, bows, pistols, or auto-pistols. 

As a side note, every Far Cry 6 unique weapon is contained in a brown box with a decorative crocodile on the lid. You can also view each of these weapons' mod setups from the 'Arsenal' menu in-game.


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Far Cry 6 unique weapons: pistols

Blooddrunk (1911) 
Head to the southernmost island in Costa Del Mar. In the far north of the island is a tiny villa with a first floor office. You'll find the gun in there.

The Autocrat (PMM) 
Isla Santuario
This gun is located in the basement of Fort Quito in north-west Sagrado. It's locked in a fenced armory, but you can smash the wooden panel around the side to get in.

Lethal Dose (P226)
To get this gun you'll have to complete The Mongoose and the Man treasure hunt in Siniestra—a coastal village south of Aguda Cliffs, next to the peninsula with Lucero Lighthouse. Activate the treasure hunt at the marker, hop the fence, open the shed at the back, kill the mongoose, take the key, and unlock the door in the house to get the weapon.

El Florecer (Mark VI)
Region: El Este
Make your way to Fontana Fort, the big island south of the Vacia Coast. The gun is located under some stairs in the south-east section of the fort, by the bridge leading to the building with the flagpole on the roof.

El Regalo De Clara (Unique)
This is a story-progress weapon, so you just have to play through the main narrative operations to get it. This is a reward for the operation, 'Against the Wall'.

Pistola Sportiva (M9)
Region: Esperanza
Head into Esperanza from Almendras Hills, past El Presidente Square, and then cross the bridge. On the left after the bridge will be a small baseball ground. The gun is in the commentator's box.


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Far Cry 6 unique weapons: auto-pistols

Rococo Loco (6P13-Auto)
This is a reward for completing the first Bandidos Operation—you access these by playing part of the main story. Once this is done, you can build the Bandidos Barracks to recruit people you save, and send them out on operations with the leaders you recruit through the Yaran Story quests. You need ten recruits for the first operation, but you start with one leader already unlocked.

El General (Skorpion)
Region: Isla Santuario
Find this gun in the basement of FND Munitions Storage in Prado Meadows, directly north of Tocoloro Ridge. The door is locked, but the keycard is on the table in the bunker above.

Snapshot (SMG-11)
Region: Valle De Oro
This weapon is at the top of the Golfo Vasto Lighthouse, directly north of Libertad Island. You can actually see the lighthouse from the pier by the camp.

AJM-9 (Unique)
One of the Blood Dragon weapons that's part of the season pass. It unlocks once you get to Libertad Island for the first time.


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Far Cry 6 unique weapons: rifles

Death Rites (AK47)
Region: El Este
Head to the most south-easterly point of El Este to find the ransacked coastal village of Maldito, just south of Sombreado Gorge. You can find the weapon in a pile of bodies in the central hut.

F*ck Anton (AK47)
Region: Isla Santuario
This one is quite complicated. First, you have to unlock Montero Farm Guerilla Camp by doing Madrugada story quests. Once unlocked, you have to befriend the Amigo, Chorizo, by petting him to activate his quest and feeding him crocodile meat. Then complete his fetch quest, where he'll lead you around Montero Farm, and will dig up a mysterious key. Take this key to Isla Santuario and head to Guau-Guau island in Casas Cove, to the east of Armoria. You'll discover the chest on a beach there.

Viva Libertad (FAL)
Region: Isla Santuario
Head to the Punto Norte Lighthouse, the most north-easterly point of the Cayo Seguro Peninsula. The chest is in a cabin at the base of it.

Camo Quinceanera (M16A1)
Region: El Este
In Sierra Perdida, south of Robustas Hills you'll find a small coastal village called Yarabi. Activate the treasure hunt there, 'A Rising Tide' and head inside the cabin. There are names listed around the room with buttons beneath them. Hit them in this order: El Tigre de Mar, Papi Chulo, El Lucky, Clarita, Roja Victoria. This will unlock the room with the chest.

Sharkbite (MS16-L)
Region: El Este
In Conuco, head north from Fernando Valley to the Roca Pequena Sat Station on the hilltop. Either kill the officer for the key to unlock the armory or, as it's a military target, take it over and grab the weapon after.

Noblesse Oblige (SKS)
Region: El Este
Also in Conuco, directly west of Isabel Steps, you'll find the Museum of the False Revolution on the coast. The chest is in the far south-west room, underneath the diorama of guerilla fighters.

One Ping Only (AS VAL)
This is a reward for completing 'The Lion's Den' story operation.

Vaya Con Dios (BP-RUC)
Region: El Este
In Conuco again, north across the bay from Concepcion, you'll find the Gabriel Castillo Airport. The chest is in the air traffic control tower, which is on top of the main terminal building.

Surf & Turf (MS16-L)
Region: Madrugada
In Aguas Lindas, west of Cobra Shores, there's an inlet with an island. This is the Ortega Croc Farm. Head here and activate the treasure hunt, 'Crocodile Tears', then jump into the water and kill the named crocodile in the room next to the keeper's corpse. This will give you a key which unlocks the door to the hut on stilts containing the chest.

Hi-Fi (SSGP-58)
Region: Valle De Oro
In Noventarmas, directly south-west of Cielo Gardens, you'll find El Rancho Bicho. The weapon is in the bedroom.

Urushi (AR-C)
Region: Esperanza
South of Old Pueblo on the coast are two piers. The chest is at the end of the western pier.

Zona-51 (BP-2)
Region: Esperanza
Directly north-east of Old Pueblo you'll find La Divinidad Cathedral. Either kill the officer for the armory key, or take the outpost over, and claim the chest after. If you climb up the ladders inside the cathedral to the roof, the armory is located in a small clocktower next to a hole in the church ceiling. 


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Far Cry 6 unique weapons: SMGs

Iron Curtain (BP-SMG)
Region: Valle De Oro
In Cruz Del Salvador, west across the lagoon from Segunda, you'll find El Tigre Dormido Hotel. Head to the pier contained within the sea wall on the western side, and dive into the water. You'll find the chest there alongside some bodies.

Turn of the Century (BZ19)
Region: Madrugada
In Lozania, in the fields just east of Palma Forest, you'll find Resplandor Agriculture. The chest is laying on a crate at the entrance to the eastern warehouse.

Carriage Carnage (MP34)
Region: Valle De Oro
In Balaceras, directly north of Diamante Lakes, you'll find a broken train bridge. Approach the bridge from the north-east and climb the vines up to the abandoned train car. The chest is in there.

Streamline Moderne (MP40)
Region: Madrugada
In Lozania, north across the fields from Palma Forest, you'll find the FND 2nd Armored Division. Kill the officer for the key, or take over the outpost. The armory is located down a hatch in the building directly opposite the tank garage. You can actually see the chest through the slit of a pillbox just south of the outpost.

DIY Death (MP5-K)
Region: El Este
In Conuco, in north-east Concepion, you'll find the Resolver Quarter. The chest is located in a garage in this north-eastern block of the city, between two dismantled cars.

Region: Madrugada
In west Lozania, directly south of Chivito Mogote, there is a tiny open-air bar called La Raja next to a river in a rocky valley. The chest is in the bar.

The Heroic End (PPSH-41)
Region: El Este
In La Joya, north of Dorada Cove on the bay, you'll find the People's Pride Clinic. If you go around the back, behind the apartment building, you'll find the chest in the area with the patient isolation beds.


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Far Cry 6 unique weapons: LMGs

Sink or Swim (RPD)
Region: El Este
In Sierra Perdida, exactly south-east of Nueva Vida on the map, you'll find the chest in a shipwreck on the lake bed. If you're still struggling to find it, the map in the outpost north-east of Nueva Vida will reveal its location.

Impact Driver (MG42)
Region: Valle De Oro
In Barrial, directly south of Muerte Point, you'll find the Chancletas Resort. In the south-west portion of the resort is a walled open-air courtyard with a locked gate. Climb the building next to it and jump the wall to get the chest.

Crackle & Pop (MG21)
Region: Esperanza
To the north-east of West Lado on the map is El Rayo Cinema. The chest can be found on a rooftop to the south, connected to the cinema via a zipline. Be careful when searching in the centre of Esperanza, since enemies seem to spawn almost constantly.

Sniper rifles

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Far Cry 6 unique weapons: sniper rifles

El Depredador (.308 Carbine)
You get this gun by upgrading the Hunting Lodge in the Guerilla Camp to level three for 200 medicine and 200 metal.

Sobek Special (.308 Carbine)
Region: Madrugada
In Aguas Lindas, directly east of Oasis Plains, you'll find the FND Storage Hub. Activate the 'Cache Money' treasure hunt, and head onto the roof. Press the button by the generator to open silo two, and fire an explosive in there. This will blow the hatch off the roof, allowing you to enter. Move through the silo until you get to a door with a keycard lock, and a fenced storage area with valuables. Shoot the lock off the gate, grab the keycard hanging in there, and use it to open the door into the office. Press the button behind the desk to move the bookcase and reveal the room with the chest.

Double Clutch (Yaran SR-A) 
Complete any Gran Premio race. If you head to Madrugada as Clara suggests, there is a race poster in Costa Del Mar at Tranquila Beach, directly north of that big island in the south.

El Tirano (MBP.50)
Region: Valle De Oro
At the most north-westerly tip of Barrial is Escila Fort. The chest is at the top of the lighthouse in the north-west corner. You can climb the nearby watchtower to get close enough to grapple onto it.

The Transubstantiator (SVD)
Region: Valle De Oro
In Noventarmas, to the west of Cielo Gardens and to the south of that giant fountain on the map, is the True Yaran Academy. Head east from the main academy buildings to the area with the steps and benches, then south to find the chest down a manhole.

Kobracon (Unique)
This sniper rifle is one of the Blood Dragon weapons from the season pass. It unlocks once you get to Libertad Island for the first time.


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Far Cry 6 unique weapons: shotguns

Humidora (1887 Sawed-Off)
Region: Isla Santuario
In Quito, on the south-east coast, you'll find the Punto Este Lighthouse. The chest is at the top.

El Rubi (M133)
Region: Esperanza
This weapon is in the Torre Del Lion, Anton Castillo's skyscraper at the centre of the city. The tower is only accessible through story progression, and you can't fly in there as you are instantly shot down.

Ciervo Macho (SBS)
This weapon is a reward for upgrading the Hunting Lodge to level two in the Guerilla Camp for 110 medicine and 110 metal.

The True Loyalist
Region: Valle De Oro
In Novertarmas, just east of that giant dam on the map is the Gran Finca Power Station. Head there and activate the treasure hunt, 'The Truest Yaran'. When facing the entrance, head to the right and grapple down the open shaft to get inside. Once in the main building, you'll see a hole in the floor filled with water, and a pipe with a blockage. Shoot the blockage to drain the water. Work your way down into the station shooting the blockages until you get to the body crushed by the turbine. Head back to the control station up the stairs from where you came in, and turn on the power. This will open the shutter leading to the weapon chest.

Excavation Execution (KSG)
Region: El Este
In La Joya, south of Catalina Ridge, you'll find Santos Espinosa Dam. Activate the treasure hunt, 'The Long Drop' and walk out onto the dam in time to see the worker with the key fall from where he was hanging on. Head over to the office on the far side and use the balcony window to shoot the padlock off the door. Once inside, press the button by the calendar, then the button on the big machines, then turn the valve, then press the button on the main console overlooking the dam. This closes the sluice- gate, allowing you to grapple down and get the key from the worker. You can now unlock the building with the chest to the south of the dam

Supercharger (SPAS-12)
Region: Madrugada
In the north-west of Aguas Lindas you'll find the FND Oil Platform. The chest is in a container in the south-east of the rig on the top floor. You can either kill the officer for the key, find it in the server room, or just take over the platform.

Region: Valle De Oro
In Noventarmas, to the south-east of Bandido Escarpment is the mountaintop Taino Peak Relay Station. Climb the main tower to find the chest.


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Far Cry 6 unique weapons: bows

Bullseye (Compound Bow)
Region: El Este
In Sierra Perdida, head south along the main road from Lapida Mogote, past the Jaguar Control Post and the Todos Santos Cemetery. On the right, you'll see a collection of abandoned cages. The chest is in the cage at the back—you just need to smash the door.

El Capirote (Recurve Bow)
This bow is a reward for building the level one Hunting Lodge in a Guerilla Camp for 40 medicine and 40 metal.


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Far Cry 6 unique weapons: launchers

La Guaracha (RPG-7)
Region: Valle De Oro
In Cruz Del Salvador, head to the main urban area, Segunda. In the east of the town, you'll find a building with a mural of people on horses and palm trees. Head into the courtyard of that building, and you'll find the chest on the stage with the speakers.

El Caballero (MGL-6)
Region: Madrugada
In Aguas Lindas, south of Cobre Shores, you'll find the F.I. Escudo Steel Plant. Kill the officer for the armory key, take over the outpost, or find the key in the north-west office. The armory is along the east side of the main foundry.

La Petite Mort (M-79)
Region: Valle De Oro
In Barrial, head north along the coast from Muerte Point and you'll find a cave that looks like a giant skull. Activate the treasure hunt, 'Sword-Crossed Lovers' and enter the cave. Navigate through it using the grappling hook until you get to the sunken pirate ship. Drop down to it and swim under the water into the cabin with the altar and the skeleton. Jump onto the altar and climb out onto the bridge. Fire the cannon to blast the rocks and clear your path, then grapple back up using the ship's mast. The path you cleared will lead to the chest.

Into Orbit
Region: Valle De Oro
In Noventarmas, head north-west from Del Toro Port to find the Star Rocket Brewery. Activate the treasure hunt, 'Liquid Courage' and head inside. In the room with the beer tanks, turn the valve on the tank, the valve on the floor, the valve higher up on the pipes, then the tank valve again. This will cause it to blow a hole in the ceiling. Grapple through the hole and head into the office to open the chest.

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