Fable 3 is coming to Steam, is available to pre-order now

Fable 3 pirate vs zombie thumb

When Fable 3 hits PC on May 20, it won't just be confined to Microsoft's Games for Windows Live service. It will also be available to buy through Steam. The game will be available to buy digitally on both platforms, and will come with different bonuses. Given that Microsoft own Lionhead, the appearance of a game on any service other than Games for Windows Live is an interesting shift.

In a recent interview we spoke with creative director of Microsoft and former head of Lionhead, Peter Molyneux, about his views on Steam and Games for Windows Live. "Steam is such a great service, I use it all the time, they did such a great pioneering job," he says, adding that "with Steam and Games for Windows Live. There's a lot of direct to disc, there's lots of services that mean the PC is really pioneering the way."

We also asked him about the future of Games for Windows Live. "My hope is that things will change around because there's no reason why it shouldn't. It's something that needs a bit more focus, I'm sure there's some very smart people working on it. Fable will definitely be coming out on Games for Windows Live."

We'll be bringing you more from our interview with Peter Molyneux next week, including his take on Alan Wake's PC cancellation, the future of social gaming, and which platforms he considers to be the most exciting to develop for. Fable 3 is available to pre-order on Games for Windows Marketplace now.

Tom Senior

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