Ergonomic typists now have a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard option

Have you been pining for one of the best mechanical keyboards that's both ergonomic and available in a tenkeyless form factor? Has anyone? Spire seems to think so, hence the company's new Ergo plank, a contender for the best gaming keyboard on the market.

I'm not all that familiar with Spire as a brand, but it's clear from poking around the company's website that it's hyper-focused on ergonomic solutions. Its product lineup includes a spattering of ergonomic keyboards that are reminiscent of Microsoft's Natural Ergonomic keyboard line, along with Belkin's ErgoBoard, a wavy plank I used to type on a long time ago.

I couldn't find a product listing or press release for Spire's Ergo, but according to TechPowerUp, it was introduced late last night and is billed as the first tenkeyless ergonomic mechanical keyboard. Tenkeyless (TKL) means it doesn't have a dedicated number pad, instead trading it for a compact design.

Spire also rearranged some of the keys, including the shift key. That would drive me bonkers, but if you're willing to retrain your muscle memory and are interested in a keyboard like this, more power to you.

The keyboard is available now, somewhere, for $80. I've reached out to Spire for more information on the Ergo and will update this article if/when I hear back. If you're looking for more, here are the best gaming keyboards for 2019.

Paul Lilly

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