How to fast travel in Enshrouded

Enshrouded fast travel - a player loooks out over a vast landscape with mountains and forests in the distance
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You can fast travel almost immediately in Enshrouded, but the real challenge is establishing your own network so you can teleport around the map. The game requires you to venture into dangerous "shrouded" areas in which you can only survive for a set amount of time. And while you can't fast travel while you're in the Shroud, having the ability to get back to your base quickly and drop off any valuables is very handy. 

Fast travel is also useful if you've just wandered quite far and want to get back to safety before darkness falls. Once you start exploring the kingdom of Embervale more widely,  fast travel becomes a viable option for covering a lot of ground, though it is somewhat restrictive at first. With that in mind here's how to fast travel in Enshrouded, and when you gain access to more locations. 

Enshrouded fast travel: How to get around Embervale 

Aside from the Cinder Vault, which is where you start your adventure, you can fast travel to any Ancient Spire you climb to the top of, as well as any Flame Altar you place on the map. 

Ancient Spires are hard to miss, they are huge towers that dominate the landscape and if you can figure out a way to reach the top you'll unlock a high fast travel spot which is great to leap from with your glider.

Flame Altars, on the other hand, are craftable items you need to set up a base. You're introduced to these shortly after leaving the first cave, and you'll need five stones to craft one. Once placed, you can fast travel to your Flame Altar at any time by opening the map and clicking on its icon. This is super handy if you're exploring a risky area and want a close spawn point or a way to get back quickly if you need to empty your backpack at your main base.

To begin with, you can only have two Flame Altars active at a time. If you want to place a third one somewhere else, you'll need to "extinguish" one of your existing altars by interacting with it and clicking the relevant button. After 30 seconds or so, it will disappear and you can place a Flame Altar at the new location. Just bear in mind that you need an active Flame Altar to build structures so it's best to have at least one permanent one to house your base of operations.

As you increase your Flame level, which you can do at a Flame Altar, your capacity for active altars will increase too, along with Shroud time and character stat bonuses. It's well worth prioritising these upgrades before you start any serious exploring.


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