Enshrouded amber guide: three great spots to quickly find this useful resource

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If you're hunting for Enshrouded amber locations, you're not the only one. Amber is a mid-game resource that can be used to unlock the fireball level 2 spell with the alchemist, craft mage gear, and upgrade your flame altar from level 3 to level 4. 

Amber is incredibly useful... but it's also pretty hard to find, especially because it only appears in the enshrouded areas of the map. You'll only start seeing it once you've traveled north to the Revelwood region, and it's pretty hard to spot until you know exactly what you're looking for.

Enshrouded: Where to find amber

To find and mine amber, you'll first need:

  • A scrappy pickaxe
  • A flame altar level of 3

The pickaxe is needed to mine the boulders that contain amber, and the flame level is needed to reach the Revelwood region—you'll need to pass through the "deadly shroud" zone which will almost instantly kill you unless you've upgraded your flame altar to level 3.

Once you've reached the Revelwood area, a good place to start hunting for amber is the Revelwood Ancient Spire. From that starting point, there are three great spots to find and mine amber, and they're almost directly north, west, and south of the spire.

I've marked the spots on my map below with a flag icon and red circle. The spire can be seen inside the green diamond. Click the top right corner of the map to see it fullscreen.

(Image credit: Keen Games)

Enshrouded: What does amber look like?

Once you're in the shroud, you're looking for a boulder with reddish-yellow highlights—and I know that isn't particularly helpful because most boulders are reddish-yellow. Amber unfortunately doesn't stand out as much as clay or copper, especially in the darkness of the shroud, but if you look at the images in the gallery above you'll see the shine and the tone of the amber standing out from the rest of the rock. When you've seen it once, you'll have a much easier time spotting it in the future.

Use your scrappy pickaxe to mine the boulder and you should get at least a few dozen units of amber from each location. If you need more, the amber nodes will respawn over time.


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