Elden Ring modder pits the Tarnished against a massive viral chip-shop

Homer Simpson fights a chippie
(Image credit: From Software)

Listen. I don't use TikTok. I don't understand why Binley Mega Chippy is as virally funny as it is, beyond the fact that "Binley Mega Chippy" has great word feel. What I do know, however, is that there are few sights that scream PC gaming as hard as Homer Simpson running across a bleak FromSoft field to do battle with a colossal chip shop.

As spotted by PCGamesN, YouTuber and horrible modder ToastedShoes posted a short clip to Reddit and Twitter showing an Elden Ring walking mausoleum converted into a massive roaming chippie—complete with mossy bricks and loose posters advertising a Morbius meal.

Naturally, the only warrior capable of taking down such a beast is Homer Simpson riding a slinky dog—and while we don't get a look at what happens when you defeat such a beast, one can only imagine what treasures lie within. Regular walking mausoleums let you duplicate remembrances, after all. Does felling a walking chippy let you duplicate a fish supper?

ToastedShoes will be posting a full video of the salty colossus sometime soon, on a channel that is already devoted to ruining games with mods. It's currently not clear if he'll even release the mod publicly, with most of them being bespoke creations made by fellow YouTuber GardenofEyes. Fortunately, not every Elden Ring mod needs be as cursed as this. Modders have figured out how to overhaul co-op to make playing with pals much less of a faff, or turn any character in the game into a summonable ally.

Or you could play as Darth Vader and fight a chippy. The Lands Between are your playground, after all, and I won't judge if you want to turn it into a wretched metaverse hellscape.

Natalie Clayton
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