Elden Ring Darth Vader mod is impressive... most impressive

Darth Vader in Elden Ring.
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Why not, eh? Modder Xelerate decided that what Elden Ring was really missing is the galaxy's most famous Sith Lord, and thus the Darth Vader Elden Ring mod was born (opens in new tab) (thanks, GR+ (opens in new tab)). The mod replaces the in-game Confessor Set with Darth Vader's outfit, though sadly doesn't come with its own lightsaber: you'll need another Xelerate mod for that (opens in new tab).

Here's some footage of Darth Vader fighting Godrick the Grafted, which is quite the sentence.

Godrick does not know the power of the dark side!

Elden Ring modding has now reached the point of near-absurdity, with modders racing to fit the most unlikely suspects into the Lands Between (such as Ace from One Piece (opens in new tab)). The ones that feel especially apposite however are the many, many mods that are adding characters from the older Soulsborne games into Elden Ring. Given the game's heritage and the timey-wimey multiverse stuff that underpins these worlds, it feels something like a homecoming.

There's also some pretty practical stuff too: like making the game's first merchant sell absolutely everything (opens in new tab).

Imperial bulletins aside, Elden Ring recently received a minor hotfix (opens in new tab), which followed a larger update (opens in new tab) (patching Patches). There's no shortage of other player escapades either: someone found a mysterious colosseum that may well be intended for DLC (opens in new tab), while others merely create mini-armies of summons to pulverise bosses (opens in new tab).

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