Y'all farmed Elden Ring so hard the list of most-killed enemies is all out of whack

An image of frog-like albinaurics from Elden Ring
(Image credit: FromSoftware)

Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco has released some new stats on what people have been getting up to in the year and change since Elden Ring released in February 2022. Having sold now over 20 million copies, Elden Ring is a certified hit—but how much are its owners actually playing it? A lot, it turns out.

Collectively, Elden Ring players have killed 197 billion enemies across The Lands Between from launch until the end of May 2023. That may well mean they've already killed more than 200 billion enemies.

The most killed enemies are, in order, 9.4 billion Albinaurics with clubs, 8.9 billion magical putrid corpses (the infinite ones in Raya Lucaria graveyard), 4 billion exiled soldiers with crossbows, 3.4 billion Albinaurics with curved swords, and 3 billion Demi-Humans with curved swords and shields.

Experienced Elden Ring players will know right away why Albinauric (Club) and Albinauric (Curved Sword) come in first and fourth on the most-killed list: That's right, everyone's favorite rune farming spot at Mohgwyn Palace ledge is so popular that it makes a dent on overall world stats. We've butchered 9.4 billion functionally defenseless Albinaurics and 3.4 billion slightly-less-defenseless Albinaurics with swords.

Bandai's infographic of stats also reveals some other neat stuff. 11.7 million characters have acquired the Dark Moon Greatsword that means they did the Ranni questline. Players have rebirthed 38.6 million characters because none of us can spec right the first time. Thirsty PvPers have thrown down 82 million times in the Colosseum.

Blessedly, 526,843 people have atoned at the Turtle Pope's chapel.

Finally, the most used gestures are, in order: Wave, polite bow, pointing forward, heartening cry, and casual greeting.

You can view the entire infographic on Bandai Namco's website. And if you've been on the fence about playing our 2022 GOTY, it may interest you that Elden Ring is currently 30% off in the Steam Summer Sale.

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