The 2023 Steam Summer Sale is live, and the Steam Deck is 20% off

The annual Steam Summer Sale is on now, and will continue until July 13 at 10 am PT. We'll assemble a bigger list of recommendations from the always substantial seasonal sale later today, but for now, here are some of the newer games that have been discounted:

Some older games are reliably discounted every time there's a seasonal Steam sale, so there's not much sense in buying them at full price, and we recently made a list of some of the best of them. The sensible purchasing window is now open for those games, which include some of our favorite recent and semi-recent RPGs: Fallout: New Vegas is on sale for $2.49 / £2.24, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is $17.99 / £11.99, Disco Elysium is $9.99 / £8.74, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is $11.99 / £7.49.

There's also a sale on the Steam Deck, like there was during the Spring Sale, which also marked the handheld's one-year anniversary. This is the second time time the Deck has been discounted. The priciest 512GB model is 20% off and available for $519, while the other models see a smaller discount.

The Steam Points Shop has also been populated with the usual themed digital tchotchkes.

Valve used to be furtive about its Steam sale plans, but these days it just tells us when they're coming: We've got a full list of all the upcoming 2023 Steam sale dates, including the other big seasonal sales, plus smaller events, such as the Stealth Fest in late July. If you miss the opportunity to buy something in the Summer Sale, chances are it'll be discounted again in the Autumn Sale that starts on November 21.

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

Tyler grew up in Silicon Valley during the '80s and '90s, playing games like Zork and Arkanoid on early PCs. He was later captivated by Myst, SimCity, Civilization, Command & Conquer, all the shooters they call "boomer shooters" now, and PS1 classic Bushido Blade (that's right: he had Bleem!). Tyler joined PC Gamer in 2011, and today he's focused on the site's news coverage. His hobbies include amateur boxing and adding to his 1,200-plus hours in Rocket League.