Elden Ring player enlists an army of 20 Mimic Tears to pulverize bosses

Elden Ring's Mimic Tear was formerly the king of Spirit Ash summons until it was brought low by patch 1.03. But what if you could summon 20 Mimic Tears?

Modder Games from Mars on YouTube modified Elden Ring to do just that, adjusting the summon to bring forth a posse of 20 irate nude men to demolish their enemies. As nude combat in Elden Ring goes, it's a slightly different approach than Let Me Solo Her's.

Relying only on fisticuffs, the maidenless runts were able to make short work of Varré, but they required an arsenal upgrade to push further into the game. Armed with the Wretch's starting club, the rude dudes proved more than a match for Margit, Godrick, and Rennala. While the bosses themselves went down easy, the game began to struggle under the weight of so many angry guys in tiny pants, and even seemed to regularly crash.

Upgrading the club to +25, Mars took the circus through Caelid and Leyndel, pushing all the way to the endgame before switching to the Spiked Caestus to make a mockery of Malenia, a boss that took me two days to beat.

They then blew through Mohg and made a last-minute outfit change to create a crew of Gideons Ofnir to smash the Elden Beast and assume the Elden Throne as Elden Lord.

But was it a righteous victory? Clearly you are only robbing yourself if you play through Elden Ring this way. The exquisite dance of melee combat in FromSoft's opus is meant to be enjoyed solo through tears and gritted teeth, and is thoroughly undermined by the strategy of using a tool like Cheat Engine to repeatedly summon 20 naked men to beat the game for you. Truly barbaric.

Not content with their previous crimes against Souls gameplay purity, Games from Mars recently dropped a second Zerg Rush video incorporating that most despicable of Souls strategies: Elden Ring's fleshed-out and very fun spellcasting system.


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