These Elden Ring double-bladed lightsaber mods are not canon

Mod of Darth Maul holding a red double-ended lightsaber atop a building in a desolate Elden Ring cityscape.
(Image credit: FromSoftware, Xelerate on NexusMods)

Modders over on the Elden Ring Nexus are now chasing after the legendary absurdity of the Skyrim mod scene, with two ambitious ne'er do wells implementing double-bladed lightsabers in the game.

The Phantom Menace's reputation is mostly shot at this point, but Darth Maul's infamous saberstaff has proven a boon to roleplayers and cosplayers the world over. I challenge you to find a single "OC" who uses a plain jane regular lightsaber these days.

Elden Ring's analogue twinblades already owe a lot to that iconic piece of sci-fi cinema, given that there aren't really any historical examples of the form to draw on. The Double-Bladed Lightsaber Pack by Xelerate and Eleonara's Lightsaber by KeyGerstrike take things even further.

Both mods offer a range of color options for their model swaps, but if I'm being honest I think Xelerate nails the effect on more of the colorways. Still, they both show off some impressive dedication for an admittedly silly idea, and they replace different weapons, meaning there's nothing stopping you from using both.

Meanwhile, this seems to be the Warframe armor mod shown off in the Eleonara's Lightsaber screenshots, and Xelerate has expressed an intent to release the Darth Maul player model soon. The purity of a developer's vision is nice and all, but perhaps an even greater truth can be found by going against that vision, not unlike the path trod by Ranni, the Snow Witch, in Elden Ring's very own lore, who defied the natural order of the world.

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