Elden Ring colosseum guide

Elden Ring colosseums
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Elden Ring's colosseums have been in the game from the start, but up until now they've had no purpose other than to pique our interest and make determined dataminers find a way inside. Thanks to a free update, however, the three main colosseums have been brought to life as PvP arenas.

While this isn't quite the DLC we were hoping for, it's still a fun update which opens up a little more of the Lands Between. Even if you're not into PvP, it's still neat to finally—and legitimately—see what's inside these buildings. Here's what you need to know about Elden Ring colosseums, including the modes available for each location.

Elden Ring colosseum locations 

There are three main colosseums in the Lands Between, and the circular structures are easy to spot on the map, assuming you've picked up the required map fragments. A couple of them are pretty tricky to reach, though, and they are all off the beaten track, so I'll explain how to get to each of the colosseums below.

The Limgrave colosseum is in the Stormhill region of Limgrave, to the north. You'll have visited this area if you worked your way through the Volcano Manor questline, as the first letter sends you here to fight Old Knight Istvan. Head north from the Warmaster's Shack Site of Grace and you'll find the door to the colosseum at the end of the dirt road shown on the map in the screenshots below.

The Royal colosseum in Leyndell is a little more tricky to reach. It's to the south of the capital in an area you may have visited if you were following the Goldmask questline. From the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace, head south along the walkway and under the branch that passes above it. Head right once you reach the cliff and you'll find the entrance to the colosseum at the top.

If you've beaten the boss in Farum Azula and you have the altered version of the capital, you'll need to climb the corpse of the dragon to reach the area where the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace was previously, then follow the steps above. 

The Caelid colosseum is the most tricky to figure out how to get to. It's to the north of the main section of Caelid and you'll need to get to the bottom of a deep ravine to access it. If you don't have the Deep Siofra Well Site of Grace in Caelid—shown in the screenshot above—head to the underground section of Siofra and look for the Below the Well Site of Grace to the north. The elevator here will take you up to the bottom of the ravine where thankfully you can activate the aforementioned Site of Grace. From here, make your way north through the ravine, though be careful of exploding rocks and bow-wielding golems at the end.

Once you're out of the ravine, you can find the entrance to the colosseum behind the rather large warrior jar.

Elden Ring pvp modes 

Each colosseum has its own PvP modes. Once you open the door to each colosseum, you'll find an altar straight ahead and you can interact with this to access the modes. There are a few options you can toggle, too, including the number of players for certain modes and setting a password if you want to create a private match with friends.

Elden Ring colosseums

Some of the settings you can change at the altar. (Image credit: From Software)

Limgrave colosseum

  • United Combat: This mode pits teams of players against one another in a timed battle. Both deaths and respawns will give points to the opposing team and the highest score at the end wins.
  • Combat Ordeal: This is the same as United Combat, except it's you against the world—or at least, everyone else in the match. Whoever has the highest score at the end wins.

Royal colosseum (Leyndell) 

  • Duel Mode: This is basically a traditional duel. Two players face each other with no respawns. Whoever survives wins.

Caelid colosseum

  • All modes are available in Caelid with the advantage of being able to summon spirit ashes to help you out.  

I guess it's time to dust off the Mimic Tear.

Elden Ring colosseum rewards 

Sadly, there are currently no rewards for taking part or winning PvP matches in any of the colosseums in the Lands Between. It's possible they may be added in a future update, though there's no word when—or if—this will happen. I'll update this guide if anything changes. 

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