E3 2014 day four: everything you need to know

That's the last day of E3 2014 done and dusted. We'll miss the excruciatingly loud music, questionable LA Convention Centre kiosk food and exciting new video games, but be sure to check-in for our post-show impressions later in the week. In the meantime, behold PC Gamer's coverage from the fourth day on the E3 2014 showroom floor, just in case you missed anything. Also check out day one , day two and day three .


Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age preview - Crytek's surprisingly original co-op shooter

Dead Rising 3 hands-on: improvised zombie massacre is still fun at 30FPS

Superhot on the Oculus Rift made me feel like Neo from The Matrix

E3 2014: In pictures


Visceral on why Battlefield Hardline feels so similar to BF4: "because it's a Battlefield game"

I played Shroud of the Avatar with Richard Garriott: the cult of Lord British is alive and well


E3 2014 recap: the best games releasing this year

GTA 5 trailer analysis: cats, dogs, smog and more new features spotted


The Sims E3 trailer reveals September launch date

Grand Theft Auto V on Steam promises advanced video editor, other enhancements

Far Cry 4 was "inches away" from including female playable characters

Alienware's Steam Machine is "Steam ready" but will ship without SteamOS or controller

Project Cars E3 trailer is pretty, contains cars


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