Dull Grey looks anything but

Dull Grey: A textbox centred over a monochrome scene.
(Image credit: Provodnik Games)

Free will vs determinism is one of the more hashed-out philosophical debates. It's an easy one to see in action, too: how often is the answer to oversimplified advice, "it's not that easy—I don't really have that choice". It might technically be there, but there's a web of other factors involved.

This is what the trailer for upcoming visual novel Dull Grey highlights, as it drifts over the landscapes of its setting. Have you ever made a choice? Were you really free in your decision or did you have to make do with what you were given? Did you make it at the right moment, or was the moment right for someone else? And most importantly, were there really any options to choose from?

Dull Grey follows the story of a mother and son searching for happiness in a retrofuturistic dystopia, while you repeatedly make the same choice: who should the son become? While the description says that it may not feel like a choice at all, it promises to be full of depth, designed for replayability with multiple endings—so when you find out the answer to that age-old debate, let the rest of us know.

Dull Grey is available to wishlist on Steam, where it's planned for release on the 8th of September.