Dr. Dre is making new music for Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto 5
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Snoop Dogg, who it is always a pleasure to cover, especially when he's having big streaming fails or telling off Bill Gates, has told Rolling Stone that Dr. Dre is working on new music for Grand Theft Auto. Snoop will collaborate on some of these tracks, though it's unclear whether the GTA project in question is for GTA 6, a GTA Online expansion, or something to do with the GTA Trilogy releasing next month.

“I do know he’s making great fucking music," Snoop said when pressed on his close friend's movements. "And some of his music is connected to the GTA game that’s coming out. So I think that that will be the way that his music will be released, through the GTA video game.”

The quote above was in response to questions on Detox, Dr. Dre's long in-gestation follow-up to his 2015 album Compton. Given Snoop's wording—"that will be the way that his music will be released"—it's easy to speculate that maybe Detox will launch via GTA Online in the same way other artists have launched albums in Fortnite. Again, pure speculation. Neither Dr. Dre's representatives nor Rockstar itself offered comment to Rolling Stone.

The less exciting possibility is that Dr. Dre is just recording contributions to the forthcoming "expanded and enhanced" version of GTA Online, which hits new-gen consoles in early 2022. Or, maybe licensing every song in the original 3D GTA trilogy was impossible, so Rockstar is commissioning whole new tracks. Or maybe Snoop has just confirmed new Dr. Dre tracks will appear in GTA 6. One of those options is more exciting than the others. 


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