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Double Fine's adventure games headline the Humble 'Day of the Devs' Bundle

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Day of the Devs (opens in new tab) is an upcoming gaming event where fans can meet up with a bunch of game developers to hang out and revel in their mutual passion. It's also the catalyst for Humble Bundle's latest bundle, which is offering $131 worth of games at obscene discounts. 

Spend any amount on the Day of the Devs bundle (opens in new tab) and you'll get TumbleSeed (opens in new tab), a 2D roguelike about pushing a seed up a mountain with a balance beam; Loot Rascals (opens in new tab), a grid-based roguelike about exploring alien planets; and Grim Fandango Remastered, the definitive version of Double Fine's classic (which we loved) (opens in new tab)

At the time of writing, the bundle's average donation is $6.02. Chip in more than that and you'll get Abzu, one of the best underwater games around (opens in new tab); Flinthook (opens in new tab), a cheerful, skill-based platformer; and Day of the Tentacle Remastered (opens in new tab), another fantastic adventure game which benefited immensely from an HD face-lift.

Finally, for $9 or more, you'll get Everything (opens in new tab), which is a pretty good bargain when you think about it, and Full Throttle Remastered (opens in new tab), which rounds out Double Fine's showing in this sale. 

Additionally, the $9 package comes with a VIP ticket to the Day of the Devs event itself. It's being organized by Double Fine and production company iam8bit (opens in new tab), and will be held in San Francisco on Saturday, November 11 at The Midway venue located at 900 Marin Street, for you San Francisco locals. For non-Californians, the VIP ticket doubles as a coupon worth 20 percent off a variety of merchandise from iam8bit's online store. 

The Day of the Devs bundle will be available through 12 pm Pacific (3 pm Eastern) on November 11. The iam8bit VIP coupon is valid through December 31. 

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