Double Fine gets two games backed by Indie Fund

Not content with funding only two games through Kickstarter, Double Fine has received some extra dough from the Indie Fund for two more unannounced games that are currently in development.

"I'm really excited and honored to announce on behalf of Indie Fund that... we will be funding an additional two titles from Double Fine," Indie Fund's Kellee Santiago said according to Gamasutra .

The Indie Fund is an organization founded by a handful of indie developers who're looking to fund various projects that pique their interest. Monaco, Antichamber , and The Swapper are just a few of the games the Indie Fund has invested in so far.

While it's a little odd to see a developer receive even more money from sources traditionally meant for small indie developers, Double Fine has a proven track record . They've made good games, and they haven't given us a reason to think they won't continue to do so.