Doomfist stars in a new, free Overwatch comic

San Diego Comic-Con gets underway today, which makes this a fine day indeed for Blizzard to release its new Doomfist comic. The digital edition of Doomfist: Masquerade is free for everyone, while a printed version will be given to attendees of Blizzard's Doomfist panel at SDCC this Friday night. 

Doomfist: Masquerade details the returned villain's efforts to steer Talon in a new direction, away from a purely criminal organization into something far more ambitious. It also hearkens back to what Blizzard said about the character in yesterday's behind-the-scenes video: That in his mind, he's not really a villain at all, but rather a crucible meant to test, and ultimately strengthen, humankind.

"Profit is not our concern. You know better," he says to another Talon leader at one point. "We aren't criminals, satisfied by wealth and power. We know better."

There's plenty of punching, too. Check out the whole thing at

Andy Chalk

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