Dontnod's Twin Mirror gets new trailer and a December release date

It's been a busy year for Dontnod: barely a fortnight after the release of its new adventure Tell Me Why, comes the release date for yet another of its adventures. That's Twin Mirror, a psychological detective thriller starring a very serious former journalist who—of course—boasts such a surplus of analytical skills that we must store them in a Mind Palace. 

This latter feature bears a resemblance to Dontnod's 2013 breakthrough Remember Me. In the latter you'd ferry off into someone else's brain to fiddle around with their memories. In Twin Mirror, the Mind Palace is the protagonist's brain, and you'll fiddle around in there to make deductions and do other detective-y things.

Also, the game features this crazy looking dog:

(Image credit: Dontnod)

Twin Mirror releases December 1 on the Epic Games Store, where it'll be exclusive for one year. 

Shaun Prescott

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